Monday, March 1, 2010

Quiche like Manna from Heaven

Has anyone seen that episode of The Office where Kevin goes on and on about his family recipe chili before he proceeds to spill a huge vat of it all over the office floor?  I have felt his pain on a number of occasions.  While the first one looked the messiest, (Sweet Potato Chicken Chili has that musty smell and orange color that provokes terror when coating even the most water resistant floor mats), this morning's spill was much more challenging.
While creme fraiche quiche has a creamy, velvety, intoxicatingly rich flavor and texture after cooking, the custard before cooking smells a little funky as all cultured creams do.  Imagine it:  you've have your custard mixture in your stainless steel bowl all covered snug with plastic wrap and situated just so in the floorboard.  Throughout the commute you check to make sure it's secure and comfortable.   When your workplace is in sight and you are about to turn into the parking lot, you notice a slightly piquant dairy odor.

TERROR OF TERRORS!  Your floorboard is completely white, the bowl is in its original upright position, the plastic wrap is still completely in place, and yet the contents of the bowl are sloshing and seeping into the darkest recesses of your custard colored Camry.  Welcome to my Monday morning.  While I ponder how to remove the custard funk from my vehicle, you enjoy this amazing recipe courtesy of Joy the Baker.  This girl has got it goin' on.  Her recipes are so inspiring, her sense of humor is grand, and she's one of those people you know was just blessed with loads of common sense.
Mine right after it came out of the oven all puffy in its custard glory and puff pastryness:
The glorious thing is that I was able to make cheese straws to go with my soup tonight with the scraps leftover from trimming the edges of the pie crust:
Just trim your scraps into quarter inch thick strips of dough, twist them into a spiral, sprinkle with the cheese of your choice (parmesan or gruyere works great, especially if you have leftover gruyere from making the quiche above), and bake at 400 for 11 minutes.  Like eating cheese flavored buttery air...

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Medifast Coupons said...

What a beautiful quiche, did it stay that high, how wonderful. Never had a quiche stay so high, will be trying your recipe out and will let you know, thanks.

Melody Ann said...

Thank you so much! It actually did stay pretty high. Let me know how it turns out!